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Roadside ditches

How can you get started?

Downloadable resources for ditch studies:

Introduction to Ditch Science (PowerPoint presentation)
Presentation Notes (to accompany this PowerPoint presentation)

Guide to Student Activities (Mapping and analyzing ditches, & estimating sediment bedload transport)
Field Data Sheet
GPS Instruction Sheet #1: Using the Garmin eTrex GPS for Marking Ditch/Stream Connections
GPS Instruction Sheet #2: Activity Tools using the eTrex GPS

Maps and other useful resources:

How to order topographic maps for NY
Historic USGS Maps of New England NY
NYS GIS Clearinghouse NY

Interactive Mapping Gateway (for remotely-sensed digital images in NY)

If teachers email example student reports to us, we will post them here for use by other student groups. Or if your class has created a ditch study webpage, we will link to it so you can share your photos, observations, and projects with other students.

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