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 Assessing Toxic Risk
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Garden Genetics Book CoverWelcome to Environmental Inquiry!
Environmental Inquiry (EI) is a collection of ideas and resources to support student projects on a wide range of topics in the environmental sciences.

How can I get started?
If you're looking for online resources related to one of our books, click on the appropriate book cover below. Otherwise, a good way to start is by browsing through this list of topics for student projects.

How does EI work?
EI includes two levels of inquiry, modeled after professional scientific research. First, students learn specific research protocols. Using these protocols, they conduct interactive research projects. Downloadable forms help students design feasible experiments and then analyze, interpret, and present the results.

Who can participate?
This EI website is designed for use by any interested high school students and teachers. Our college-level EI website at Penn State University is for undergraduate students and faculty.

Assessing Toxic Risk Book Cover  Invasion Ecology Book Cover  Decay and Renewal Book Cover  Watershed Dynamics Book Cover 

Other Environmental Inquiry Publications
Visit our publication page to find out about other curricula, conference papers, videos, websites and peer-reviewed journal articles that have been developed through the Environmental Inquiry program.

In 2003, EI won an Environmental Quality Award from EPA for Excellence in Environmental Education. More about EI.

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