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The EI Team
EI represents a collaborative effort among scientists, science educators, and high school and middle school teachers.

Core Faculty
Nancy Trautmann; EI Program Director, Cornell University
Marianne Krasny; Professor, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University
William Carlsen; Professor, College of Education, Pennsylvania State University
Christine Cunningham; Vice President for Research, Boston Museum of Science

Nancy Trautmann (2003-)
Adam Welman (2002-2003)
Dan Chiao (1999-2002)
Chris Stuart (1997-1999)

Teacher Authors
Leanne Avery - Rondout Valley High School
Dora Barlaz - The Horace Mann School
Harriet Beck - Wellsville Central School
Harry Canning - Newark Valley Central School
Patricia Carroll - Newark Valley Central School
Timothy Conner - Chenango Forks High School
Alan Fiero - Farnsworth Middle School
Janine Guadagno - Tabernacle Christian Academy
Mark Johnson - Ithaca High School
Scott Jordan - Cuba Rushford Central School
Alpa Khandar - Hilton Central School District
Frederick Kirk - Niskayuna High School
Daniel Kujawinski - North Collins Central School
Ann Moore - Ithaca High School
Peter Morgan - Convent of the Sacred Heart School
Elaina Olynciw - A. Philip Randolph High School
Linda Tompkins - Mynderse Academy
Rich Winter - Dryden High School
Jonathan Zisk - Candor High School

Contributing Cornell Scientists
Bernd Blossey
Rodney Dietert
James Gillett
Reuben Goforth
Ellen Harrison
Bennett Kottler
Lois Levitan
Sue Merkel
Victoria Nuzzo
Stephen Penningroth

Former Cornell Graduate Student Assistants
Leanne Avery
Dan Meyer

Computer Support
Dan Elswit
Karen Rhodes

Numerous science teachers, prospective teachers, and Cornell Science Inquiry Partnerships graduate teaching fellows have piloted draft EI materials and provided invaluable feedback.


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