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Watershed Monitoring Handbook for Educators
Watershed Science for Educators was written for high school and middle school teachers and students. The information contained in the 213-page packet is designed for use with science classes and clubs. Activities include sampling aquatic invertebrates, calculating a biotic index, measuring chemical water quality, interpreting topographical maps and aerial photographs, and calculating stream discharge based on velocity measurements.

The packet includes teachers' pages with objectives, preparation suggestions, and examples of pertinent questions. Background information sections provide a foundation for each topic. The packet also includes student activity pages, data sheets, and worksheets. Appendixes provide information on resources that support the activities.

Copies of Watershed Science for Educators (ISBN 1-57753-250-3) can be ordered from:

The Resource Center
PO Box 3884
Ithaca, NY 14852-3884
phone: 607-255-2080
Email questions, comments, and orders to: resctr@cornell.edu
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