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Providing Constructive Comments in Peer Review
In peer review, your job is to provide feedback that will help other students. You can do this by remembering the 3 C's: be critical, use courteous language, and make sure your comments are constructive.

Which of these reviews would you find more useful?

You dummy -- how could you have expected to be able to conclude anything when you changed two variables at the same time?


It's an interesting idea to change both temperature and lighting, but the results would be easier to interpret if you had separated this into two experiments rather than changing both variables at once.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Be upbeat and friendly.
  • Be clear and specific about things you think could be improved.
  • Point out strengths as well as weaknesses.
  • Use courteous language, and never make a personal attack.
  • Avoid any comments that sound insulting or rude.
  • As you write a review, think about how you would feel if someone sent it to you.




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