Research Report Form


Name __________________________

Date __________________________

1.      What is the title of your research project?




2.      What is your research question? Why is this question important, or how is it relevant to environmental issues?







3.      Have other people investigated this question, or a similar one? Summarize what you have learned about this question from other studentsí reports, or from library or Internet research.









4.      Summarize your procedures here.












5.      Make a table here to summarize your data. Include calculations such as the averages of all replicates for each treatment.







6.      Graph your data. (Remember Ė the independent variable goes on the x-axis and the dependent variable on the y-axis.)












7.      What conclusions can you reach? (What did you learn from your experiment? Can you think of any other possible explanations for your results?)











8.      If you looked into the research by other people on this subject, how do your results agree or disagree with what they found, and why do you think this may be the case?










9.      What might you change to improve your experimental design?








10.  If you had a chance to do another experiment, what would you change in order to learn more about the topic you studied?(Did you come up with questions you canít answer using your data? If so, thatís a good starting point for planning future research. What new experiments might help to answer your new questions?)