Protocol Planning Form


Name _________________________________

Date __________________________________


1.      What is the name of the protocol you will be using?



2.      What is the purpose of this protocol?

q       Dose/response experiment

q       Bioassay on environmental samples

q       Solution purification using ion exchange and/or activated charcoal

q       Other:_________________________________________________________



3. What question are you hoping to answer using this protocol?




4. What type of samples will you be testing?

q       Chemical name _____________________________________________________

q       Environmental samples from __________________________________________

q       Other ____________________________________________________________


5. Describe the treatments you plan, such as the range of concentrations that you plan to test.





6. Describe your replicates of each treatment.







7. What will you be using for a control group?





8. What factors will you hold constant?









NSTA. Cornell Scientific Inquiry Series.

For use with Assessing Toxic Risk, Section 2: Introduction to Research