Bioassay Research Report Form


Name __________________________

Date __________________________

1. What is the title of your research project?



2. What is your research question? Why is this question significant to environmental or other real-world issues?





3. What type of bioassay organisms did you use?



4. What substance(s) did you test?




5. Summarize your procedures here.







6. Summarize your data here.

(Use the first row to label the columns.  It’s OK to leave rows and columns blank – just use the ones you need.)


Concentration or               Effect                                              Effect

Type of Sample                (such as germination rate)              (such as radicle length)


































7. Graph and then summarize your data. What is your interpretation of the meaning of these results?

















8. What conclusions can you reach?  (What did you learn from your experiment? Can you think of any other possible explanations for your results?)









9. If you were to repeat the experiment, what would you change in order to learn more about the toxicity of the substance(s) you studied?  (Did you come up with any questions you couldn’t answer using your data? Can you think of experiments that would help to answer these questions?)









10.  What might you change to improve your experimental design?